Why eating breakfast is so important!

Actually, it’s not a big deal. But eating a good breakfast has many advantages and it helps to know them before you choose otherwise. Indian breakfast or ‘nashta’ has a good mix of carbs-protein-fats and works great to start off your day! Since the body gets its nutrition after a long gap, the longest gap for many of us, it not only replenishes the body but also gets the metabolism started. 

Some of the often stated advantages of eating breakfast include:

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Eating a breakfast rich in protein and fiber can give you a solid boost of energy to carry you through the day.Cortisol (a stress hormone) levels peak just before we wake up and continue in that state till we consume food. Supplying the body nutrition breaks this cycle and helps keep cholesterol and heart disease at bay in the long run.

  • Tip: Mix dryfruits, nuts in curd for a delicious quick-fix. 
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Our body needs a certain amount of calories to function efficiently during the day. Instead of having just lunch and dinner, the additional meal helps break the intake by a third, at least. 

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The body starts breaking glucose for energy within 6 hours of your meal.Imagine skipping breakfast and jumping straight to lunch. The body does not have any food to metabolise. Breakfast breaks that long gap and kick-starts your body's metabolism. 

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 When we don’t eat for long intervals of time, we risk having more “hunger hormones”, like ghrelin, which may lead to overeating during your next meal. Breaking your meals into smaller portions is the answer, and what does that better than breakfast? 

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Skipping breakfast over larger periods of time may decrease the glucose and insulin concentrations. Glucose is a critical source of energy for the brain, and a decrease may lead to functioning at sub-optimal capacity. TipRabbit: Small portions of (healthy) snacks between meals also prevents cravings from going out of hand.

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With reduced overeating and improved metabolism, your weight loss goals are closer than ever. 

Tips / Fun Facts

  • Tea is the worlds most popular drink - beating coffee, juice and beer ;)!
  • The Breakfast club - has nothing to do with breakfast. 
  • Yogurt/Curd is an excellent addition to your breakfast. 100g of curd has ~60cal and is ~85% water!

In conclusion, keeping yourself hydrated, making breakfast a part of your daily routine and choosing healthy options can go a long way in helping you get and stay fit. 

Best days are only a simple breakfast meal away.